Did you spot all these Marvel Easter Eggs in Jessica Jones?

From David Tennant’s skin to plenty of toilet-sitting, there are a lot of sly references in the new Netflix series


By now many people will have already finished Marvel’s latest series Jessica Jones (or at least be a good chunk of the way through it) – but just how closely were you all watching?


If you were keeping a beady eye on everything you might just have noticed some of the Marvel Easter Eggs and callbacks noted here by Mr Sunday Movies, from references to other superheroes like Hulk and Captain America to the original skin tone of David Tennant’s mind-controlling Kilgrave.

Our favourite fact, though, has to be that the scenes of Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones sitting on the toilet were a specific callback to a comic written in 2001. You don’t get that kind of commitment in Guardians of the Galaxy.


Jessica Jones is streaming on Netflix now