6 times Lost in Translation was lost in translation

Making a movie about language barriers? Make sure you get the title right


Movie titles lost in translation – yep, it’s an old meme, but have you ever checked what the actual film Lost In Translation is called around the world?


In the daddy of all miscommunication, Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson scarper round a Tokyo hotel and hop over age, language and cultural barriers.

But what happens when people actually try to translate ‘Lost In Translation’ around the world?

1. Brazil

Title: Encontros e Desoncontros

Translation: Meetings and Failed Meetings

Hmm, don’t think Brazil quite managed to capture the simplicity of the original. ‘Meeting and Mismatches’ might be a better translation – but it’s still struggling to find itself.

2. South America

Title: Perdidos en Tokio

Translation: Lost in Tokyo

Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Panama and Peru all went with this. No marks for effort, but at least it does what it says on the tin.

3. Canada (Québec)

Title: Traduction infidèle

Translation: Unfaithful Translation

No, Bill Murray isn’t the devil. ‘Infidèle’ is linked to infidelity. Francophancy that!

4. Poland

Title: Między słowami

Translation: Between the Words

Something quite poetic about this effort. Also, Golden Globes in Polish sounds awesome. ‘Złote Globy’…

5. Italy

Title: L’amore tradotto

Translation: Love Translated

You’d think Sofia Coppola’s Italian heritage would mean this had a bit more zip. Whaddya gonna do?


6. Portugal

Title: O Amor É um Lugar Estranho

Translation: Love Is a Strange Place

Isn’t it just?