This haunting Star Wars a cappella theme even impressed Harrison Ford

Watch Pentatonix's aca awesome John Williams tribute from the 2015 American Music Awards


“Dum, dum, dum, dum da-dum.” There, that’s basically all you need to sing the Star Wars theme right? Wrong.


A cappella group Pentatonix showed us all exactly how wrong during the American Music Awards last night, with their haunting vocal rendition of composer John Williams’s classic movie theme.

Even Star Wars veteran Harrison Ford was impressed (although he might have just been reading from the autocue).

Skip two minutes in to the video below for the full Force performance.

Did you skip through? In that case, you might want to know that before Pentatonix’s vocal symphony, there was a special clip (no, not another trailer) from Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.


It’s only 15 seconds long, but you’ll want to hear Finn grunting and screaming as he, Rey and adorable BB-8 run and roll away from a TIE Fighter bombing. More music to your ears.