Peter Capaldi: ‘I thought Clara would be able to return to Doctor Who’

The actor can't quite believe what happened when Jenna Coleman's character Faced the Raven

Still trying to come to terms with what happened in Doctor Who series nine episode Face The Raven? You’re not the only one.


Peter Capaldi still can’t quite believe what took place at the weekend (we’re going to stop being cryptic from here on in, just so you’ve been warned. SPOILERS).

“I didn’t see her as actually dying,” he said as he looked back at Clara Oswald’s demise. “I thought she would have a life, that she would be able to return to Doctor Who in some form or another.”

Frankly, we have some doubts of our own about whether Clara is really, truly dead, but that’s for another day of theorising.

But Jenna Coleman’s deadly climax has been coming: Capaldi says she and the Doctor have been “thrill seeking” this series, “or at least trying to get as much fun out of the situation they’re in as possible.”

But, Moffat adds, “At the same time, he [the Doctor] knows this is a young woman who’s not like him, and who’s become addicted to his lifestyle. But as the Doctor says, she’s just more breakable than he is.”


Coleman herself is just sad that she won’t have another excuse to pull levers with Capaldi: “he’s made it a very special, special time.”