Jon Snow’s looking very much ALIVE in first look at Game of Thrones series six

And there Kit Harington was thinking a haircut could fool us...

Game of Thrones series six is coming, but will the second coming of Jon Snow come with it?


When last we saw the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch he was lying in a pool of his own blood after being set upon by his former pals, and actor Kit Harigton claimed he was basically dead-er than dead.

So did the show’s creators, the director, and ALL of Harington’s co-stars. On various occasions (despite Harington being photographed at Belfast airport and numerous times on Game of Thrones sets.)

In fact, they went to great lengths to convince us Kit Harington and Game of Thrones were NEVER ever EVER getting back together. Like, EVER. 

And then HBO went and released this promotional poster for the next series.

Is Jon really gone? Is this a tribute to the fallen Lord Commander?

Or will he live to fight and die another day, in a stereotypically horrific Game of Thrones way?


Game of Thrones Series 6 returns to TV screens in April 2016