Jenna Coleman’s best moments as Clara Oswald in Doctor Who

Always unpredictable, forever impossible. Here are some of Clara's stand-out scenes

From saving the Doctor again and again to shouting him down in the Tardis, Clara almost had too many highlights to choose from – but we had a go anyway.


10. Goodbye Clara

We knew it had to happen, but did it have to be this brutal? Clara may have talked herself into her own death in Face the Raven – perhaps seeking one thrill too many– but she faced her end with true bravery, and even made the Doctor promise not to take revenge once she was gone. Goodbye Impossible Girl.

9. It’s smaller on the outside!

The Victorian version of Clara might not have seen much in the way of technology anyway – but she still had a very different take on the Doctor’s Tardis in this funny scene that also served introduced the new interior of the iconic ship.

8. Clara becomes the Doctor

A big theme of series 8 was Clara taking a more prominent role in her and the Doctor’s adventures, and nowhere was this more clear in Flatline. With the Doctor trapped in the Tardis and out of action, it was up to Clara to save the day – and become the Time Lord…

7. Trapped as a Dalek

Oswin may not exactly be Clara, but she is a version of her and this scene was too good to pass up. As the Doctor (Matt Smith) discovers the truth about Oswin’s predicament (she’s been converted to a Dalek but still believes she’s human) she almost loses control – only to reassert her morality and allow him to escape in a touching sequence. Who knew Dalek voice actor Nicholas Briggs had so much range?

This moment gets extra points for a subtle call-back in the series 9 episode The Witch’s Apprentice, when Clara had to climb inside that pepper-pot one last time.

6. Older Clara

In what was reportedly supposed to be Coleman’s exit from Doctor Who before she changed her mind, this coda to the most recent Christmas special saw Clara grow old away from the Doctor, only for them to reunite in her last years. Touching and intimate, it would have been a moving exit for Coleman – and a great deal more merciful than her actual goodbye.

5. Entering the timestream

This Name of the Doctor scene gets points for including First Doctor William Hartnell in a surprising origin for his Tardis travels, but it’s also a great way to connect the new show with its classic counterpart through Clara’s sacrifice (and a series of snazzy outfits).

4. Fighting with the Doctor

The Doctor’s habit of meddling in the affairs of the Earth comes to a head in this brutal argument between him and Clara. Furious at his mind games, she almost “breaks up” with him for good – and he can barely understand why.

3. Clara pleads for the Doctor’s life

In a way, we can thank Clara for the Twelfth Doctor – it was her pleas to the Time Lords that granted Matt Smith’s incarnation a new cycle of regenerations, as well as saving the lives of an entire planet. Not a bad day’s work, all things considered.

2. Betraying the Doctor

This scene showed how far Clara would go for the ones she loved – even if it meant dooming herself and her best friend in the process. Sure, her actions turned out to be an illusion – but her ultimatum for the life of Danny Pink (Samuel Anderson) was still striking.


1. Comforting the young Doctor

In a scene from series 8’s Listen that managed to combine elements of the 50th anniversary special with the Doctor’s entire ethos, Clara comforted a younger version of the Time Lord as he suffered from nightmares. Really tying Clara into the mythos of the show, it was a truly defining moment for her character – as well as for the Doctor himself.