I’m a Celebrity day 7: Twitter crowns new champion Lady V and asks if we’re watching I’m a Sexist Celebrity

Reality TV's Geordie jungle Jane stole the show in a high flying double act with Ferne McCann before a debate about the sexes raged around the campfire

Is sultry jungle showering degrading or empowering? Should men do the washing? And should women ever be expected to do the heavy lifting when there are men around?


I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! isn’t a show you’d often equate with serious debate – unless you’re talking Soupgate – but there was more than enough profound discussion to go around the camp on day 7.

It all kicked off with a tiff about Duncan Banntyne’s jungle washing skills, which Brian Freedman deemed dismal. “Duncan is not a bloke you can imagine down the creek doing the washing”, Tony Hadley chipped in, defending the former Dragon. “If I’m honest, and I’m not being funny but two ladies would be much better than Duncan.”

That statement didn’t go down too well in the camp: “So Tony has announced that women are better at laundry and doing the washing than men are,” Vicky Pattison fumed in the Bush Telegraph. “Right OK, there’s me thinking I’m in the jungle, not some time machine!”

And she wasn’t the only one fuming about it either.

Pattison’s apparent refusal to play up to the “tottie” label many had placed on her has proven a right TV treat.

In fact, both the reality star and Jorgie Porter have brought a touch of reality to the now almost mythical ‘Myleene Shower Scene’, with Porter finding the water absolutely freezing, and Pattison protesting that it’s just not all it’s cracked up to be. 

“I kept dropping my soap, I’ve seen other people do it, close their eyes, head back, and they do it so effortlessly sexy. But I had loads of soap in my eyes, shampoo everywhere, I tried to be sexy but my eyes were just stinging, I couldn’t see,” Vicky explained. “It was a disaster, I’m not a jungle sexy shower scene girl”

Pattison’s no-nonsense girl power patience with a blindfolded Ferne on the Horror Flying Circus Bushtucker Trial – and the pair’s budding jungle friendship – won her a rather special place in the viewing public’s hearts.

Move over Lady C, Lady V’s fast becoming I’m A Celeb’s new queen of the jungle thanks to her girl power attitude.

It’s just a pity that whoever was on Pattison’s Twitter account during the broadcast didn’t get the memo.

While others could see where Eubank was coming from…

Is it sexist to suggest women are better at doing the washing? Is it chivalrous to say women shouldn’t have do the heavy lifting when there are men around?

And which is rife in the I’m A Celeb camp – sexism or chivalry? That, dear readers, is the question. 


I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! continues on ITV1 at 9.00pm on Monday November 24th