Home and Away: Alf stops James and Roo’s wedding, while sparks fly between Ricky and Nate

30 November-4 December 2015: Plus Charlotte finds another note from her stalker


Monday 30 November


Ash and Phoebe butt heads over their living situation, and the pair come to the realisation that they have moved in together too quickly. Hannah warns Nate about getting too close to Ricky, just as the pair get roped into posing for Peteʼs photo shoot as a couple. Charlotte comes home to find that someone has been through her place, and the discovery of another strange note confirms her worst fears – her stalker knows about Denny. 

Tuesday 1 December

Charlotte panics and informs Hunter that they are leaving Summer Bay, but a mysterious and threatening stranger tells her to stay where she is. Ricky and Nate pose for a sexy photo shoot and the chemistry between the pair is palpable. Later that night, Kyle cannot take his eyes off Rickyʼs photos and Nate begins to suspect that he has a crush on her, but when he tries to bring it up she is oblivious. 

Wednesday 2 December

When Ricky finds out that Kyle is thinking about leaving Summer Bay, she tells him that she needs him and persuades him to stay. Marilyn surprises John by announcing that she has organised for them to renew their vows. Just as Roo and James are about to go through with a spontaneous wedding of their own, Alf interrupts with news that James is not who he says he is. 

Thursday 3 December

James explains that there is no record of him working at the Blue Mountains Hospital because he used his middle name. Roo is forced to apologise to a very upset Maddy and Alf after nearly marrying James without inviting them. John tells Marilyn that he does not share her enthusiasm for travelling and that he wants to stay where he belongs, in Summer Bay. Tank and his mates aggressively gatecrash Maddyʼs 18th birthday party. 


Friday 4 December

Maddyʼs birthday party spirals dangerously out of control, culminating in a fight between Tank and Oscar, and a heroic act by James. In the hospital, Roo finally learns Jamesʼ secret when she discovers his wife by his bedside. During dinner with Alf, Leah and Zac, Marilyn and John have a heated argument about her desire to travel. Marilyn eventually backs down, but the look on her face suggests she has made the wrong decision.