Has Louise cheated on Alik in Made in Chelsea?

Next week's clip shows newbie Elliot claiming he and Louise kissed — but she denies anything happened...

Louise Thompson and her New Yorker boyfriend Alik Alfus have been one of Made in Chelsea’s most mature, functional relationships, with the couple making it work across continents.


But is that all about to change as Louise is accused of cheating

In the trailer for next week’s show, newbie Elliot says that he and Louise had a encounter. The clip shows JP asking him, “have you been sat here on your lonesome all week?” to which Elliot replies, “ermmmm, to a degree. May have got pretty drunk…” before revealing that he and Louise kissed. 

But when Louise hears what Elliot is claiming, she says she has no recollection of it at all. The trailer then skips to an angry Alik on the phone saying “I’m flying to London tomorrow and that’s it, alright. Goodbye.” Does that mean Louise (or perhaps another member of the MIC crew?) has told him what’s going on? 


Someone’s got some explaining to do…