Guy Martin: I don’t want to “fill someone else’s boots” on Top Gear

The Channel 4 presenter and motorcycle racer says he'd never want to be seen as Jeremy Clarkson's replacement


Guy Martin says he never wanted to present Top Gear because he didn’t want to be “filling someone else’s boots”.


The Channel 4 presenter, motorbike racer, truck mechanic and all-round speedster was hinted as an early favourite to join the Top Gear team when Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May left the show together earlier this year.

However, the host of Speed With Guy Martin tells the new issue of Radio Times that he’d rather build a show of his own than drive someone else’s vehicle.

“I’d be filling someone else’s boots,” he said, “What we do at the moment is what I want to do and it is my own thing. Clarkson? He’s a clever man. But does he really know what a pound is?”

Martin, by contrast, says he has both feet – or wheels – firmly on the ground.

“That is sort of annoying. The other week I had a puncture on my pushbike and I didn’t have any change on me. I couldn’t afford a tyre and a tube so I had to buy a puncture repair kit. I know what a pound is and I earn my £12 an hour, and that’s great.

“But they haven’t got a clue. I am not saying they are arses because they don’t know what a pound is, but you know what I’m saying.”

Read the full interview in this week’s Radio Times, available in stores and on the Apple Newsstand from Tuesday 24th November 


Guy Martin: Last Flight of the Vulcan Bomber is on Channel 4 on Sunday 29th November at 7:30pm