Doctors diagnose all of the injuries in Home Alone: Kevin McCallister officially a monster

No, seriously, it's Saw for kids


Remember Home Alone? Fun for the whole family, right?



“If you get shot in the groin with a BB gun, you’re going to have some serious genital trauma,” says one doctor in DistractifyYT‘s hilarious, harrowing analysis of the film.

“It may affect the swimmers down the line.”

“You don’t get up from a fall like that.”

“Peeing and pooping from bags, pushed around in wheelchairs in some kind of care facility.”

“I hope the rest of his skin remains intact for the rest of this movie – which is doubtful – because they’re going to need to remove parts of his skin with this thing that looks like a cheesecu…”

Stop! That’s enough! Kevin McCallister: you are officially cinema’s greatest monster.


Watch the full video below. If you dare.