Coronation Street: will pregnant Sarah keep Callum’s baby? Tina O’Brien interview

“Sarah would have to lie to her child for its entire life,” says the actress


Sarah Platt is to discover that she is pregnant with Callum Logan’s child – but will she end up keeping the baby?


Doctors will give Sarah the news in the wake of a road accident that sees her hit by a van driven by Tim Metcalfe.

And it’s fair to say that the pregnancy bombshell sends Sarah into an even greater spin than the collision.

“She’s absolutely stunned,” says actress Tina O’Brien. “One she’s been checked after being run over, the doctor tells her she’s absolutely fine – and so is her baby! She obviously knows that the baby is Callum’s. Sarah’s devastated and she feels so shocked and foolish. It’s horrendous for her.”

The big drama in the run-up to the Christmas episodes of Coronation Street will then see an anguished Sarah consider a termination as she tries to keep the news from reaching the rest of the Platts.

“She’s completely torn,” continues O’Brien. “Keeping the baby will mean having a reminder of Callum with her every day and having to live with what’s happened even more than she already has to. Sarah would have to lie to her child for its entire life and she wonders whether she would be able to do that.”

However, Sarah’s secret will soon reach the ears of her sister-in-law when Kylie – the one actually responsible for killing Callum – discovers all. But will she blab or keep the matter confidential?

“Yes, Kylie finds out because Sarah is acting really shifty. She’s making secret phone calls to the clinic because she’s unsure about what to do. And that’s how Kylie finds out.

“Weirdly, it’s Kylie who’s been on Sarah’s side more than David. So I think Kylie will prove to be a support network for Sarah.”

One thing’s for sure though: it seems that the Platts won’t be free of Callum’s influence for a good while yet.

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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