Back to the Future and Star Wars meet in the greatest Doctor Who Easter egg of all time

It'll take you back in time….

Doctor Who series 9 has already shown us that the writers and set designers have a knack for hiding superb sci-fi references in the show but with Face The Raven (no, we’re still not done sobbing yet either), they took it one step further.


And my, they did it in style.

If you were watching VERY closely – like one eagle-eyed fan – you might have spotted some funny writing on the wall in Diagon Alley the secret Street.

This is Doctor Who, though, so OF COURSE that’s not just any old writing. It’s Aurebesh, a dialect from the Star Wars universe.

And when you get a copy of the Aurebesh alphabet and translate the writing on the wall, you get something very interesting indeed.

The word Delorean.

Minds blown.


We’re done.


Doctor Who series 9 continues on BBC1 on Saturday nights