Wonder Woman is a total hoodie in first movie picture

Gal Gadot is the latest US superhero getting her own big screen outing - but could she be spending some of it in London?


While we’d already seen what the new film version of DC superhero Wonder Woman was going to look like from her appearance in the Batman vs Superman trailer, actress Gal Gadot has now tweeted the first image from the character’s upcoming solo movie – and it turns out she’s got a thing for cloaks.


Yep, she’s a total hoodie, though we’re sure the lasso-wielding heroine will spend more time catching bad guys and saving the world than hanging around shopping centres looking menacing. That said, it does seem like she’ll be spending some time not far from London’s best malls – to us at least, that looks a lot like Big Ben in the background.

Whatever’s going on, we have a while to wait until we find out everything – the Wonder Woman movie isn’t scheduled for release until 2016, though as noted we’ll get to see Gadot in action for a cameo in next year’s Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. 

All we know is she loves cosplaying as a Lord of the Rings character and hanging out near famous UK landmarks, and for now that’s enough for us.


Wonder Woman will be released in 2017