The Last of the Mohicans, Walk the Line, An American Tail: films on TV today

Daniel Day-Lewis swings a tomahawk, Joaquin Phoenix walks the line, and a little animated mouse seeks refuge in America: the RadioTimes team’s pick of free-to-air films on TV today




The Last of the Mohicans ★★★★
9.00-11.15pm Spike 

Never mind a fine performance by Daniel Day-Lewis as Hawkeye, what Michael Mann’s film also features, in the shape of Wes Studi, is one of the most terrifying villains in movies. The story, adapted from James Fenimore Cooper’s novel, is set in North America at a time of conflict between the British, French and native Americans. Frontiersman Hawkeye, who has been adopted by the fast dwindling Mohican tribe, threatened with extinction by the rival Hurons, is charged with escorting Madeleine Stowe (the inevitable love interest) and her sister Jodhi May to a fort where their British army officer father awaits them. This is one heck of a dangerous job, thanks to the ruthless, treacherous Huron, Magua (Studi), a true bad guy’s bad guy, who has already betrayed and slaughtered the girls’ original escorts. The action is fierce and violent, with the always unpredictable Day-Lewis making a terrific fist of playing an outdoors action man.

An American Tail ★★★★

3.00-4.40pm Movie Mix 

A child-friendly tale of a mouse family heading to the sanctuary of the USA, with stunning images courtesy of master animator Don Bluth.   

Walk the Line ★★★★

6.20-9.00pm Movie Mix 

Joaquin Phoenix gives a fabulous performance as legendary singer Johnny Cash, though it was Reese Witherspoon who won the Oscar as wife June Carter.      

The Sugarland Express ★★★

6.35-8.50pm Film Four 

Goldie Hawn and William Atherton star in Steven Spielberg’s chase movie, made one year before Jaws and showing he was a director whose movie-making equipment was already at operating temperature.    

The Brothers Grimm ★★★

9.00-11.20pm Movie Mix 

Terry Gilliam’s freewheeling period fantasy sends Heath Ledger and Matt Damon into a haunted forest where they are menaced by supernatural forces and the fruity overacting of Jonathan Pryce and Peter Stormare.  


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