Kenneth Branagh to play Agatha Christie’s Poirot in new film adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express

Branagh will also direct the movie, which is co-produced by Ridley Scott


Two years after the longest-serving Poirot, David Suchet, hung up his waxed moustache, Kenneth Branagh is to become the latest star to portray the fastidious Belgian sleuth in a new movie version of Agatha Christie’s classic Murder on the Orient Express.


As well as exercising Poirot’s little grey cells, Branagh will also direct the film, which is co-produced by Ridley Scott, as announced via the official Agatha Christie Facebook page…


Breaking News! Kenneth Branagh has been announced as the director of an exciting new remake of Agatha Christie’s Murder…

Posted by Agatha Christie on Saturday, November 21, 2015