16 super Toy Story Easter eggs you might have missed

How many of these hidden gems did you spy in the Toy Story trilogy?

In November 1995 a little film called Toy Story hit cinema screens in the US for the first time.


Twenty years, three films and countless childhood memories later, it’s one of the most beloved in Disney history, and has prompted hidden references in many of the studio’s other films.

But it works the other way around too, with numerous nods to Toy Story, and other Disney and Pixar flicks, hidden within the Toy Story trilogy itself. Here are some of the cleverest Easter eggs the filmmakers managed to conceal…

Hakuna Matata

Did you hear the classic Lion King track playing in the car?

Lotso fun

Did you spot the strange pale pink bear in the first Toy Story film? He’s actually believed to be an early version of Lotso Huggin Bear, the cuddly pink bad boy of Toy Story 3.

The Bouncing Luxo Ball

When Buzz wants to prove that he’s a REAL space ranger who can actually fly, he uses an iconic yellow, blue and red ball to give him a bit of bounce. It’s the iconic Luxo Ball, which featured in its very own series of Pixar shorts.

Don’t judge Andy’s books by their covers

Remember when Woody called the toys together to discuss Andy’s birthday in front of the bookshelf? Well, those tomes behind him held their own seriously cool secrets.

They share their titles with some Pixar shorts, including The Adventures of Andre and Wally B (Pixar’s first ever short, made before the company had even been named) Tin Toy, Red’s Dream and Knick Knack.

Check the calendar

If you look really closely at the calendar in Andy’s room in Toy Story 2 you’ll see an image of ants carrying food and walking across a blade of grass. it’s actually a reference to A Bug’s Life.

A Book’s Life

Did you spot the book Mrs Potato Head was reading? It was about A Bug’s Life too.

The Heimlich Manoeuvre

And while we’re on the subject of Pixar’s 1998 flick about Ants, you’ll spot caterpillar pal Heimlich hiding in the bushes when Buzz winds up there.

Watch out for that tree

Remember that tree Jessie’s owner climbed to the top of the hill to play on? Well, it’s only the same tree you see in A Bug’s Life, but seen from the other side.

Finding Nemo

Did you spot him on the toy box in Andy’s bedroom in Toy Story 3?

Just keep looking, and you’ll see him again when the shot changes.

Finding Dory

She’s hiding in the paintings at Sunnyside Daycare too.

Finding Mr Ray

And in keeping with the Finding Nemo theme, the scientific sting ray who taught Nemo’s class makes a cameo on the shelf at the nursery too. That’s him with the white spots on his back.

Who loves Cars?

Judging by that logo on his t-shirt, one of the kids in Sunnyside seems to be a big fan of Lightning McQueen.

Even Andy seems to love him enough to have a Cars themed calendar on his bedroom wall.

What’s written in the stars?

Oh starry, starry night. Did you spot the Pixar lamp hidden in plain sight?

Is that Sid with the bin lid?

Skull t-shirt? About the same age as Andy? Could the bin man be the bad boy next door… all grown up?

And from whom could that uplifting postcard be?

Carl and Ellie. As in Up’s Carl and Ellie?

This is the world of Pixar – more magical things have happened.


Of course, we can’t forget the first film’s very own hidden Mickey. Did you spy the mouse rocking around the clock?