Who will replace Jenna Coleman as the next Doctor Who companion?

Could it be Rose Leslie? Maisie Williams? A return for River Song? Or will it be someone you've never heard of…?


 Rose Leslie


When tabloid rumours first started to circulate about Jenna Coleman last year, the Game of Thrones star was the bookies’ favourite to take over. It makes sense, of course. Leslie’s role as Ygritte is now over (RIP), and she’s just the kind of hip, young actress who would suit the role.

Ingrid Oliver

Who better to be the Doctor’s companion than the Doctor’s greatest fan? But would (the now alive) Osgood’s heart be able to stand it? And who’s to say that she isn’t now a Zygon…

Georgina Campbell

Georgina Campbell won a BAFTA earlier this year for her incredible performance in BBC3’s Murdered By My Boyfriend, while she’s set to star in upcoming E4 sci-fi Tripped. She’s exactly the sort of up-and-coming talent that Doctor Who likes to nab. 

Alex Kingston

If Jenna Coleman is leaving at the end of series nine, then could River Song’s return at Christmas be the beginning of a new journey? She and the Doctor know each other pretty well, after all. And who wouldn’t want to see Peter Capaldi and Alex Kingston hit it off? Only thing is: would it be too much of a good thing?

Jovian Wade

Reprising his role as Flatline’s Rigsby, Jovian Wade is back this series for Clara’s departure in Face The Raven. Could this be a precursor to a role as companion? It would certainly to be a change for modern Who to have a young man in the Tardis, although the lack of a central female character might not go down to well with viewers. Maybe an Amy and Rory-style deal instead?

Faye Marsay

Faye Marsay is already a fan-favourite following her hilarious role as the all-talking, all-dancing Shona in Last Christmas. At the end of that episode, of course, Shona didn’t want to leave the Doctor and Clara and go back to her mundane life. Marsay herself is in that perfect stage of her career where she’s known but not too known. Could she pull a Catherine Tate and make a return? The actress herself is definitely up for it, telling RadioTimes.com back in June “I would absolutely love to go back into Doctor Who… I had a great time on it. I just got to play myself basically, which was quite nice.”

Maisie Williams

Of course, it’s never going to happen. Despite the Game of Thrones actress appearing in three episodes this series, she’s just too big of a star to become a full-time companion. We can dream, though, can’t we? 

Zawe Ashton

When she appeared in Into The Dalek, Ashton’s Journey Blue begged the Doctor to take her with him – only to be turned down because she’s a soldier. Could he have a change of heart? Zawe Ashton is certainly brilliant enough for the part – although maybe she’d better be suited to the role of the Doctor instead?

Frank Skinner

Merely appearing as Perkins in Mummy on the Orient Express was enough to thrill superfan Frank Skinner. A job at as a full-time companion would probably kill the man. Still, there’s no denying the chemistry between him and Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor. 

Alexandra Roach 


Anyone’s who’s ever seen Channel 4 dramas Utopia or No Offence would know that this would be pretty much perfect (we can already see the journey Roach’s character could go on, from wide-eyed wonderer to smart and capable companion). Not to mention that it would be great to see Peter Capaldi’s Scottish come up against Roach’s Welsh…