What was written on the Doctor’s prompt cards in Doctor Who Face the Raven?

There was a second outing for the Doctor's tact aids this week - but did we catch a glimpse of any new phrases?


We were first introduced to the Doctor’s prompt cards earlier this series in episode three, Under the Lake. The selection of supportive phrases for every occasion were clearly designed by Clara to make up for the Doctor’s natural tendency to just bulldoze ahead with the truth, forgetting about any of that ‘feelings’ stuff.


Back then, we managed to get a look at four different cards – which you can see here – featuring phrases ranging from “I didn’t mean to imply that I don’t care” to “It was my fault, I should have know you didn’t live in Aberdeen”. But there were clearly quite a few more in that pile – as many, presumably, as the Doctor has ways of been tactless and irritating.

In this week’s episode, Face the Raven, the cards were out again after the Doctor scanned Rigsy for alien interference only to discover something “not good”. He quickly decided “there’s no nice way to say you’re about to die” but before that we did catch a glimpse of one card, and with a quick bit of freeze-framing we’ve managed to get a closer look at it…

“I could be wrong, let’s try it your way.”


Nope, can’t see him ever using that one…