Is Clara Oswald bisexual?

She's hinted at the possibility several times but was Clara being serious?

We’re not being salacious, just interested, after all Steven Moffat wants us to ask this question, otherwise he wouldn’t keep making Clara hint at it…


We know she likes men thanks to her love affair with the heroic Danny Pink (cut tragically short by a traffic accident, Missy and her army of Cybermen). 

But there have also been a number of suggestions that Clara can have her head turned by the ladies too. The latest (and presumably last) came in Face the Raven, when Clara declared “Sometimes Jane Austen and I prank each other. She is the worst. I love her! Take that how you like…”

If it was just the once we’d be tempted to think Clara was only teasing, but that comment harks back to a more enigmatic one she made about Ms Austen in the first episode of this series, when she told her English students wistfully that the novelist was a “phenomenal kisser”.


Even if we stretch believability and put it down to a running joke made for her own amusement, there’s also Oswin Oswald’s admission in Asylum of the Daleks that she once “went through a phase” of fancying a woman. If you feel that way in two separate incarnations, it seems pretty clear those feelings are real…