Did you spot the hidden monsters in this week’s Doctor Who?

This week’s episode Face the Raven saw a multitude of aliens disguised as humans – and we think we’ve identified them all

Tonight’s episode of Doctor Who saw the Doctor and Clara encounter a veritable cantina of outer-space baddies, with many of the Doctor’s old foes disguised as humans and in hiding on the streets of Maisie Williams’ sanctuary.


However, a few of them let their guards slip for a few seconds to reveal their true faces – and we were happy to see the return of some classic Doctor Who aliens.

The Cyberman and the Ood

An emotionless cyborg getting some work done from the hands of a telepathic slave – what could be more natural?

These guys were the easiest to spot in Face the Raven, so no prizes for identifying them – though did we hear Maisie Williams’ Me describe one of the Raven’s victims as a Cyberman as well? First one we’ve seen with a wife…


Again, these were fairly obvious (and revealed in preview pics), but it’s good to see the outer-space police in action again – even though these particular rhino cops were presumably kicked out of the Shadow Proclamation if they’re hanging out on the trap street. Is intergalactic police corruption a thing?


Clearly this clone warrior stuck with the heavyset/bald look in his human appearance


The trap street’s representative from Homo Reptilia wasn’t the easiest to spot, and we have to say she doesn’t help by wearing the Silurian mask as well…

Ice Warrior

You’d be forgiven for missing this split-second cameo of a mighty Ice Warrior, not least because he’s not wearing his trademark armor and is thus looking rather more reptilian.

Interestingly, in earlier episode Cold War it was established that an Ice Warrior who removes his armour (as in this picture, above) is dishonoured forever, which might explain how this particular Mars-dweller ended up in hiding on Earth.

And a couple of mysteries

New characters Mr Kibble and Mr Rump (left to right) were aliens in hiding too, though we’re not sure if we’ve seen either of their species before. We feel like we’d remember such a wolfy and fishy pair.


Doctor Who returns to BBC1 next Saturday (28th November) at 8.05pm