EastEnders: Ronnie gets violent with Roxy

The Mitchell sisters are at war in tonight's episode


The bond between Ronnie and Roxy will be well and truly broken in tonight’s episodes of EastEnders (8pm, BBC1) when the pair come to blows.


The Mitchell sisters will end up slapping each other across the face after falling out over both Roxy’s current relationship with Dean and Ronnie’s tortured past.

After the subject of Ronnie’s toxic parenting at the hands of Archie is once again brought up, Roxy comments: “Well, Dad never killed anyone, did he?” 

And it’s this reference to the killing of Carl White that escalates the argument, with Ronnie then demanding to know why Roxy wants to now get involved with Dean, a man who she refers to as “some low-life rapist”?

As the row then descends into outright violence, viewers will be left wondering whether the family ties that bind Ronnie to Roxy have now been permanently severed…

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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