Tom Hanks got told off by Disney lawyers, had the best comeback

Nobody's going to tell this cowboy when he can and can't talk about Toy Story 4

Actor Tom Hanks has revealed that he got himself into hot water with Disney lawyers after talking about Toy Story 4. 


“A while ago someone stuck a microphone in my face and asked if there was going to be a new film and I said yes,” Hanks told chat show host Graham Norton. “And I then got a call from the Disney lawyers who said I couldn’t say anything about the new film because it affects the Disney stock market price.”

But Hanks wasn’t about to be told when he could and couldn’t talk about the cowboy he’s played throughout the beloved series. 

“I said, ‘Hey, I’m sorry, but let me point out, I am Woody, pal!’”

I think that’s called coming back with style. 

Now back in the recording studio to add his distinctive tones to the animation, Hanks admitted it’s tiring task. 

“It’s really hard work – honestly. Woody is very tense and the recording sessions go on for four or five hours so I always come out of a session with my diaphragm having had a workout. It is exhausting.”   

This fourth outing is expected to focus on Woody’s love life, as he’s reunited with Bo Beep. It’s thought the film will arrive in June 2018.


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