Sylvester Stallone wants Ryan Gosling to take over Rambo

Sly admits it's an "odd choice" but he thinks Gosling's got what it takes to don the bandana

Sylvester Stallone has revealed which actor he’d like to see reprise the role of Rambo (because what film isn’t possibly coming back these days?). 


“For real?” Stallone queried, as he was asked to name a star to don the famous bandana during an interview about upcoming Rocky spin-off Creed.

But, perhaps ol’Stallone’s thought about this before as he knew who he wanted.

“Ryan Gosling,” he said adding, “Kind of an odd choice, right?”

Some felt Stallone was on to something by choosing the Drive actor. 

Others had their own ideas

But most are just pretty sure Sly can’t be replaced


Upon learning of Stallone’s baton passing, Gosling is said to have thought he was having the wool, rather than the bandana, pulled over his eyes. “I’m genuinely touched that he said that…” Gosling told CinemaBlend. “And if you’re lying, you’re a terrible person.”