Someone’s used maths to work out the Doctor’s real name

Could Doctor Who’s greatest mystery have been solved?

It’s the greatest enigma of Doctor Who, a bigger mystery than why the Doctor left Gallifrey, what the hybrid is or when the Doctor has time to hoover the Tardis  – what is the Doctor’s real name? 


Over the years there have been a few suggestions, from the confusing (one 1980 comic suggested it was δ³Σx²) to the downright unlikely (in a recent episode, the Doctor said it was Basil). But what could it really be?

Well, one reddit user has taken the search a step further, using maths to try to work out exactly what the Doctor’s name could be – and what secrets it can itself reveal.

WorstGabeNA began with the above 1980 expression, before expanding it out to try to assign values to the letters and turn it into a full equation. In his mind, the mystery of the Doctor’s name and the mystery of his age might not be entirely separate…

So could he be right? Well, without more information it’s impossible to know whether his theory checks out. It could be that an offhand comment in a 1980 comic book ties in perfectly to a now-different approximation of the Time Lord’s age, making a perfect whole – or it could be that the Doctor’s name is something completely different and alien and we’ve all got too much time on our hands. 

For now, why don’t we just stick with Basil?


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