I’m A Celebrity day 4: People were pretty surprised by this jungle development

Viewers actually quite like Made In Chelsea’s Spencer Matthews…

There’s been a shock in the I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! jungle… viewers actually like Made In Chelsea’s Spencer Matthews


There’s a sense of confusion, a tiny bit of denial, but on the whole a lot of love online for the posh lad who arrived in a Hawaiian shirt.

His self-awareness is certainly endearing. His only concern about spending a night alone in deserted camp Snake Rock? That he doesn’t like his own company.

“I’m not very good company,” he confessed. 

The latest Bushtucker Trial proved to be no bother for Spenny either. He and fellow new arrivals Ferne McCann and Vicky Pattison were locked up in various boxes that were periodically filled with critters and creatures. Sure, there were mud crabs “bigger than your average cat” and jungle pythons that were totally breathing on them, but he kept his cool. Zen-like, as Chris Eubank might say.

And while Spencer’s been dubbed ‘top shagger’ and had glam Jorgie Porter among those campers shipped off to Snake Rock with him because – and I’ll turn to Ms Pattison for the correct description – she’s a “proper bit of kit”, it was host Ant McPartlin who was dying to give Vicky a brush down after the trial. The words “I’ll do it,” have never been spoken so quickly. 

Spencer’s popularity will only have increased thanks to a jumbo game of Scrabble in which his first thought upon digging up the letter ‘Q’ from a stinking pond was ‘QUIDDITCH’. Mischief managed my dear old boy.

Meanwhile, George’s attempt to spell ‘sofa’ as ‘sopher’ gave kids everywhere good reason to stay in school. Plus, we learned Tony Hadley doesn’t like to be told he’s not as fit as former boxer Chris Eubank, with the singer left out of the afternoon’s head-to-head Dingo Dime challenge because Lady C refused to acknowledge him as one of the camp’s ‘gladiators’. Don’t listen to her Tony, you are Gold! Always believe it… 

And, thanks to yet another not-at-all-predictable round of non-forgiving public voting, it was argumentative Lady C who was chosen to leave the main camp for a stint in back-to-basics Snake Rock. If we’d been able to turn the volume up on his microphone, we’d probably have heard an almighty sigh of relief from Duncan Bannatyne, who can now rest easy that he won’t find himself awkwardly stumbling into bed with her again on his way back from the toilet. That’s one opportunity he’s definitely keen to count himself out of. 


I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! continues Friday at 9:00pm on ITV