Fired Apprentice candidates Sam and Elle are writing a children’s book together

They can't confirm or deny whether Snottydink will be involved...


Apprentice candidates Sam Curry and Elle Stevenson may have both been fired by Lord Sugar, but that’s not stopped them teaming up to launch their own new venture – children’s books.


Oh yes indeedy, two of the candidates responsible for that Snottydink book, created during this year’s children’s book creation task (naturally), are teaming up to write a new piece of literature for young kids.

“Elle and I are currently in the process of writing a children’s book together. I am being 100% serious,” Sam, a private tutor by trade, told after he was booted out of the boardroom following this week’s discount shop task.

As for whether it will be a follow up to Snottydink or not, Sam couldn’t say.

“Whether it will be a Snottydink sequel, or whether it will be something else entirely, I’m not sure yet. But it’s happening,” he said, admitting that there is red tape when it comes to getting the intellectual property rights from the BBC.

But one thing Sam could confirm is that it will follow the same principles of their Snottydink creation.

“We want a moral message. We want something educational. We want something that challenges readers because we think the purpose of all good literature is to be challenging,” he explained, alluding to Lord Sugar’s criticism that Snottydink had too many adult words in it after containing the phrase “moisture rife”.

“You are going to get long words,” he teased, with the duo planning to aim the book at five to seven year olds.

It certainly seems like the two former candidates are onto something. While their team did actually lose the task, the book has gone on to prove really rather popular on eBay. Sam himself joked his team would have fared far better had the online retailer been available to them in the pitch. 

Elle has even quit her job in construction to throw herself wholeheartedly into the project.

Now all they need is to rope in Karren Brady for a few more dramatic readings…


The Apprentice continues Wednesday at 9:00pm on BBC1