Viewers praise “honest” and “emotional” BBC Breakfast reporter as he is moved to tears during bulletin from Paris

Graham Satchell apologised as he ended his report on the terrorist attacks in tears but those watching found his reaction refreshingly honest and shared their thanks and support


BBC Breakfast viewers were moved this morning by a news reporter’s very human reaction to the aftermath of the Paris terrorist attacks.


Reporting live from the Place de la République, which lies between the city’s tragedy-struck 10th and 11th arrondissements, Graham Satchell went through some of the names and faces of those killed last Friday in shootings and bombings, before turning his attention to the messages of love and support left among the floral offerings in the square.

As he noted that the lighting up of the Eiffel Tower in blue, white and red on Monday night had sent out “a sign of hope”, the emotion proved too much and he wiped away a few tears before apologising and ending the report.

But an apology was the last thing most viewers wanted after what was seen as a refreshingly emotional reaction to an event that has left Europe and the world in a state of shock.

“Don’t apologise for being human Graham, we’ve all been touched by the Paris Atrocities, you’ve seen more than most,” said one Twitter user. “Well done to @GrahamSatchell – the human side of reporting #ParisAttacks on @BBCBreakfast,” posted another.

Other viewers called Satchell’s reaction “very moving”, “powerful” and “poignant” and sent their support…