Could Missy return in the Doctor Who finale?

We have our suspicions…


Michelle Gomez made a mighty splash in Doctor Who last year as Missy, the regenerated female form of longtime foe The Master with a new offbeat attitude.


After appearing throughout series eight and for the first two episodes of series nine, it seems inevitable that we’ll be seeing the character again some day – but it could be even sooner than we expected based on comments made by Gomez last week at the inaugural Doctor Who festival.

When asked if Missy would be turning up in the current series’ finale, Gomez refused to confirm or deny the idea, saying “Ohh…It’s tough to say, isn’t it?”

“I don’t know.”

Now, this is hardly emphatic proof one way or the other (and Gomez is a notorious trickster who might just be messing with us), but it’s certainly got us thinking – and in many ways, it would make an awful lot of sense for Missy to make her return in episode 12.

Last time we saw her, the malevolent Time Lord looked to be striking a deal with the Daleks, and if there’s one thing a Doctor Who finale loves it’s a few Daleks (they’ve appeared in the majority of the finales since the 2005 revival, anyway). Perhaps Missy could be turning up with a few of her new tin-plated pals (as she did with the Cybermen last year) to give the Doctor a piece of her mind? It’s certainly possible…

But a Missy return would also make sense with regards to the series’ main arc – the hybrid warrior predicted by a Time Lord prophecy, and the Doctor’s Confession Dial (aka a Time Lord will) which apparently contains secrets relating to the hybrid.

The Doctor’s Confession Dial

Without giving too much away, we can confirm that the Confession Dial crops up again in a future episode when demanded by an enemy, so it’s clearly something desired by the forces allayed against the Doctor. And according to tradition, if he thinks he’s dying a Time Lord must pass the dial on to his closest friend – established in The Magician’s Apprentice to be lifelong frenemy Missy, much to Clara’s dismay.

Ergo, if the Doctor thinks he’s dying again (which seems like quite a “finale” thing to happen), he’ll probably send the Confession Dial to Missy, involving her in the finale action.

It might just be a small role, it might be no role or it might be Missy’s biggest role to date – either way, we shouldn’t rule the lady from Gallifrey out just yet.


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