Bill Murray sings The Bare Necessities beautifully in Disney’s live-action Jungle Book remake

When you hear him do Baloo you'll forget about your worries and your strife...

Bill Murray is a man of many talents but he hits a new high in Disney’s live-action Jungle Book remake when he belts out the Bare Necessities.


The iconic Disney track – first sung by Phil Harris in the 1967 animated adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s literary classic – is a fan favourite and Murray more than does it justice in the sneak peek at the film was lucky enough to see.

Young Mowgli doesn’t know what to do when Murray’s bear begins to hum, and it’s up to Baloo to explain music to the boy who’s been raised by a wolf pack. “It’s a song” says Baloo, “everyone’s got a song” – and when the re-imagined cinematic score version of Bare Necessities kicks in, the song steals the show.

It’s got stiff competition in the form of Idris Elba’s Shere Khan, who’s just as ferocious as he sounds.

And when he faces off against Ben Kingsley’s Bagheera in the long grass there are scenes reminiscent of Scar’s Lion King clash with Simba.

But if there’s one thing that outshines them all, it’s got to be King Louis. The king of the swingers has ALWAYS been the Jungle VIP, and with Christopher Walken voicing him that’s not going to change.

“I’m the king” he chuckles, “but you can call me Louis”.

Don’t worry Christopher. Come 2016, we’re sure Disney fans will.


The Jungle Book opens in UK cinemas on April 15th 2016