6 emojis that perfectly sum up our reaction to Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year

Er, the word of the year is not actually a word...


The word of the year is not a word. That’s not a sentence I ever thought I’d write – but before you assume I’ve lost my marbles, let me explain. 


Around this time of year, Oxford Dictionaries reveal the one word they believe has stood head and shoulders above the rest over the last 12 months. Previous entries have included chav, simples, omnishambles and selfie – but 2015’s entry doesn’t contain a single letter. It’s ?.

The official description of ? is: “Face with Tears of Joy”. I use it all the time in my texts but, let’s ‘face’ it, it’s not actually a word. 

It’s a choice that has left us feeling rather astonished ?. After all, there are so many excellent words in the English language: mellifluous, woebegone, effervescent, opulent, demure, to name a few. OK, they’re not exactly in wide circulation but how about some of this year’s runners-up? “On fleek”, “sharing economy”, the timely “Brexit” or the trendy “lumbersexual”?

At least they use actual letters. Sigh. ?

We’re not the only ones to be a little confused by the decision ?. 

Some are even questioning the future of the English language altogether ?.

And while Oxford Dictionaries are clearly ? at their decision…

The rest of us are all like ?.


Perhaps next year they’ll give us an actual word? ?