13 words that mean completely different things to Doctor Who fans

Time to crack open your Whovian dictionary



To you: Some French saying “Let’s go”

To us: A phrase of great power and wisdom, and consolation to the soul in times of need

To you: A normal function of your eyes

To us: Something we avoid doing at all costs

To you: Some random gibberish

To us: A legitimate answer to any tricky scientific question

To you: A body of water

To us: A mystery wrapped in an enigma

To you: A flower

To us: Someone we miss

To you: Something to pass time with if there’s nothing on TV 

To us: The best weapons in the world

To you: Someone to avoid

To us: Someone to run off with. In a box.

To you: A great accompaniment with desserts 

To us: A great accompaniment with fish fingers

To you: An expression of sound

To us: The perfect tool for any situation

To you: The linear progression of events

To us: A playground

To you: A number

To us: One of the greatest TV friends we’ll ever have

To you: An accessory worn with suits

To us: Cool personified

To you: The person you hate seeing when you’re sick


To us: The person we want to see most in the world