Minions, I Believe in Miracles, Under Milk Wood and The Legend of Barney Thomson: 16 November’s new DVDs

Yellow peril, old big ‘ead is back, Rhys and Charlotte have gone fishin’, and Robert Carlyle gets something for the weekend




Having won the charm offensive in animated movie Despicable Me, the little yellow critters are given their own feature in which they up sticks to Swingin’ Sixties London – where, let’s face it they probably won’t look too out of place – to track down a really evil baddie. Sandra Bullock clearly has a ball voicing the crazy Scarlett Overkill, who’s trying the old take-over-the-world schtick. Not exactly mellow yellow.

Formats: DVD, Blu-ray and download


Brian “old big ’ead” Clough was quite simply the greatest manager the England team never had. Too outspoken for the club tie and blazer brigade that ran the game in the 1970s, he had to content himself with doing the impossible with club sides, and this hugely entertaining documentary charts how he worked his magic at Nottingham Forest. Cloughie was always superb value as an interviewee and there’s plenty of terrific on and off the pitch archive here. You can almost taste the pies.

Formats: DVD, Blu-ray and download


This is the second time that poet Dylan Thomas’s radio play has been given the big-screen treatment (the other was in 1971 with a cast that included Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor), and now, as then, one is left wondering just how cinematic a work it is. Cameraman Andy Hollis serves up some sumptuous images, but it’s the words that make it, of course. And while Rhys Ifans isn’t Burto, he does the verse justice along with fine support from Charlotte Church.

Formats: DVD, Blu-ray and download


A film about a serial-killing barber has shades of Monty Python’s lumberjack sketch about it, but here the humour is even darker. Robert Carlyle (who also directs) is the bored hairdresser who accidentally kills his boss during a scuffle, and he’s not the first to have more than a little off the sides as one killing follows another. Nothing wrong with taking your laughs jet-black, of course, but it doesn’t always work here.

Formats: DVD and download


REQUIESCANT (aka Kill and Pray) A young man whose family have been murdered gets schooled in the art of revenge from an unlikely source, in this 1967 spaghetti western that gets a new dual-format release.


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