Home and Away: Tank and Evelyn are caught together, while Phoebe and Kyle put on a memorial for the twins

23-27 November 2015: Plus John resolves to charm Marilyn into falling in love with him all over again

Monday 23 November


Phoebe and Kyle say farewell to the twins with a touching memorial on the beach. Kat tells Ricky that she does not have to keep her distance from Nate and that she knows nothing is going on, but Ricky feels horrible and wonders how she is going to make her feelings for him go away. Evelyn tells Tank that things are moving too fast and that she needs to take her studies more seriously, but he reads it as her breaking up with him. 

Tuesday 24 November

Evelyn falls deeper for Tank when he opens up to her about his abusive father, principal Snelgrove, but Leah is concerned that he is not being truthful. Ricky sits through an uncomfortable lunch with Kat and Nate in an effort to prove that she only wants to be friends with him. A boisterous Ash is brought down to earth when he moves in with Phoebe. 

Wednesday 25 November

Charlotte begins to unravel over memories of Dennyʼs death and seeks to take her mind off the problem by pouncing on the nearest available man. Evelyn finds she is even further in Tankʼs grasp and starts to lie to Leah and Zac about their relationship. Maddy takes Oscar to task after he calls her ʻeasyʼ. 

Thursday 26 November

Matt finds himself caught in Charlotteʼs web once again after spending the night. Mean- while, a concerned Andy tells Charlotte that he is worried about her strange behaviour. After an awkward meeting, John resolves to woo Marilyn from scratch and asks her out on a date. Roo is stunned when James proposes. 


Friday 27 November

Charlotteʼs self-destructive behaviour grows even more dangerous when she discovers that someone is watching her every move. Alf finds it impossible to give Roo and James his blessing and tells them that their speedy engagement is a bad idea. While John tells Marilyn the story of when they first got together, her memories come flooding back and the pair are finally reunited.