David Tennant unleashes his powers in two new Jessica Jones clips

It's another super-creepy turn from the Doctor Who star

It’s only a matter of days until we get to see David Tennant play mind-controlling baddie The Purple Man in Netflix’s Jessica Jones, and we’re almost as excited as we’d be if he mind-controlled us to be super excited.


And now we’re getting a closer look at the violet villain’s telepathic abilities in greater detail, with two new videos that show Tennant’s Kilgrave calmly walk into a house full of strangers and immediately have them do his bidding, before playing a blinder at poker.

In the first video a family hide in closets, make him dinner and generally fawn at his every whim, giving a clear idea of exactly what hell Kilgrave must have put former superhero Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) through prior to the series.


Later, the second clip shows Tennant’s baddie turn his mind to poker, forcing his opponents to bet large sums of money against him to presumably fund some other nefarious scheme he’s got planned.


In short, it’s becoming all the more clear that David Tennant’s character is just the sort of nasty chap to haunt our nightmares and completely ruin our Doctor Who memories forever. We’re almost as sad as if he told us we should be REALLY sad.


Jessica Jones will be released on Netflix on Friday 20th November