Coronation Street: is Johnny Connor really Carla’s dad?

It looks like the Connor family tree is about to be radically redrawn

Coronation Street looks to be lining up a paternity shock for Carla this Christmas with rumours circulating that her biological father is actually Johnny Connor.


If true, it means that Carla, who became a Connor through marriage after getting wed to the late Paul, will now – thanks to the daddy bombshell – turn out to have been a wife to her own cousin!

If you can get your head around that, then you might also want to find out how the key facts threatens to spill out. Apparently, Johnny discovers the truth when he does a secret DNA test after being blackmailed by Carla’s brother Rob, who is currently behind bars for the murder of Tina McIntyre.

But it seems that Carla won’t have much time on-screen to get used to her new family tree (should she learn the truth), seeing as Alison King is set to take a break from Coronation Street in 2016.

“Alison King’s still got a good few months before she goes off on her break but the twist that Johnny is Carla’s dad is huge,” a source told the Daily Star Sunday. “She’s got some great stuff coming up. The daddy bombshell means that his kids Aiden and Kate are also her half brother and sister. Carla became a Connor through marriage but it turns out that she’s actually always been one.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of the coming week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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