16 out of this world gifts to give Star Wars fans this Christmas

Are you feeling our presents?



Get your loved ones ready for Episode VII with the earlier adventures of Anakin and Luke Skywalker

This is the merch you were looking for…

Feel the power of the dark side through non-dark chocolate

This year’s hottest film is released on the 17th December, but tickets are on sale now!

They’re particularly good for listening to Rebel Bass

Perfect for young kids, this present is

“Nerf it, Chewie!”

Catch up with what’s been going on in a galaxy far, far away in this Episode VII prequel

I went to the Outer Rim, and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt

Meet all your favourite characters in the wax

It’ll have any bottle open in less than 12 parsecs

That’s no mood (light) – it’s a space station!

Elegant jewellery, for a more civilised age

Wooden you like to see this design classic on your loved ones’ wall?

Joking aside, this is the only thing a Star Wars fan of any age really wants – unless you can get them a working model…


“And I thought they looked cosy and festive on the OUTSIDE!”