STOP PRESS: Doctor Who’s Peter Capaldi confirms those question mark underpants really exist

Yes, the Doctor owns a Doc-strap


The Zygon Invasion was a tense episode, but it did have one of the funniest exchanges in Doctor Who history. To recap: 


Osgood: You used to wear question marks.

Doctor: Oh I know, yes I did.

Osgood: They were nice. Why don’t you wear them anymore?

Doctor: Oh I do. I’ve got question mark underpants.

Osgood: …makes one wonder what the question is.


However, this left one massive question hanging, and it was down to a brave fan at London’s Doctor Who Festival to corner Peter Capaldi and ask: do the question mark underpants really exist, and will we ever get to see them? 

While Michelle Gomez (Missy actress and exceptional person) started chanting “get ‘em out”, Capaldi revealed the Doctor-shorts are real.

“I’ve got to say, they were actually sitting in my trailer on the day I made that remark,” he said, to uproarious laughter from the crowd. “I went in and there they were.”

So…did he slip on the Doc-strap?

“Whether or not I put them on or not is a Doctor Who mystery. I’ll leave you guessing.”


We expect this mystery to be resolved in series 10, possibly when the Doctor goes undercover at a Calvin Klein catwalk show. Now if you will excuse us, we have a lot of fanfiction to rewrite.