I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! 2015 predictions

From campfire showdowns to who'll surprise during the trials, here's how Emma Daly thinks this year's jungle series will play out...

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! is back, which means we can all snuggle up on the sofa and have a good laugh as a new batch of famous faces struggle to conquer tasks we wouldn’t even dream of attempting. 


A new camp means a new order. So how will it play out? Here are my predictions…

Kitchen battles

Many a row has been had over the I’m A Celeb camp stove, emotions and beans boiling over. Some want to do it all. Others want everyone to pitch in. Some are so bored they’ll do anything to stir a pot of rice. This year it may well be a case of ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’. Former Dragons’ Den star Duncan Bannatyne certainly wants to get stuck in saying ‘cooking, cleaning, washing-up, you name it I will do it’, as does Union J’s George Shelley: “I’m a jack of all trades – chef, cleaner, entertainer, shoulder to cry on.” Plus former X Factor choreographer Brian Friedman sees his role in camp as “chef and cleaner”. Prepare for pots and pans at dawn…

Although there’s one man who’ll be staying out of the way and that’s footballer Kieron Dyer: “I’m definitely not chef!”

Unexpected pairings

I’m A Celeb has had some great double acts over the years, including Joe Swash and George Takei’s unexpected 2008 ‘bromance’. Last year musician Tinchy and broadcaster Michael Buerk bonded over rap music of all things. This year, we could see an early bond between boxer Chris Eubank and fashionista Susannah Constantine as they’re both terrified of heights. There’s usually a helicopter ride or bungee jump to kick things off, so they could be drawn to each other (hopefully without the Gemma Collins-esque mascara-covered face).

But it’d be quite something if Lady Colin Campbell and George struck up a bond while collecting firewood, or choreographer Brian Friedman got Duncan doing a dance routine. Although, Duncan and Spandau Ballet’s Tony Hadley could be a formidable camp pairing. Watch this space…

Camp clashes

It always takes a couple of days for campers to find their place in the khaki-wearing hierarchy, but given Duncan’s eagerness to get on and do things, he might not be too chuffed by Kieron’s eagerness to stay out of the kitchen. Then again, Duncan’s approach to tasks might clash with wannabe “mum” of the camp Susannah. I bargain presenter Yvette Fielding and Tony will bring a bit of calmness to proceedings.  

Trial hero

The voting public isn’t afraid to wind up the campers. If someone says they’re scared of rats, guess who’ll be voted in to be buried alive with the scurrying creatures? Oh yes, the one who’s deathly scared. So it looks like Brian, Lady Colin Campbell and Duncan could be playing a clever game: by suggesting they’re happy to do all of the trials. But I think it’s Susannah who’ll surprise us. Once she’s over that flight, she has a no-nonsense air about her and she’ll want to do a good job for the camp. 

Trial scaredy-cat…

In contrast, Yvette has revealed she’s “terrified of everything that moves” and given she’s got a reputation for screaming on TV show Most Haunted, I think viewers will want to see her face many a trial. OTT reactions on I’m A Celeb are telly gold, right?

Camp clown

Kieron said he wants his role in the camp to be “providing banter” but I’ve got my eye on another jungle dweller – Tony. He says he wants to be the “shoulder to cry on” but I bargain he likes playing a trick or two and will enjoy winding campers up when he’s bored. The singer is a man used to being on tour, so he knows how to fill long stint of boring down time.

That shower

… I also bargain Tony will be first in that jungle shower. Last year he told me on tour he was “always” in his pants while on tour. In fact, when they went through backstage footage to make their own documentary he laughed: “There was more than 300 hours of footage to make this film from. 250 hours in my pants, obviously.” Hopefully he’ll provide his own musical soundtrack, too. Tony Hadley showering to a bit of Gold would be quite something to watch on a rainy weekday evening. 

Potential Queen of the Jungle

Judging by the reaction to Hollyoaks actress Jorgie Porter when she appeared on Channel 4’s First Dates earlier this month, it looks like viewers will quickly be won over by what she describes as her “goofy” personality. With the last two series won by men, it’s about time we had a Queen of the Jungle, right?   


How do you think camp life will play out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below…