Disappearing pirates, weird weather and suspicious scripts: 5 Doctor Who mistakes you may have missed

Have you spotted these little errors on your adventures in space and time?




Strax and Clara have a little tiff in Deep Breath and she comes downstairs he asks her if there’s anything she needs. Clara wants some water, so Strax plops a bucket of mop water on the table in front of her.

The pair then have a conversation about the water and by the time Clara’s looking at her newspaper again the water has mysteriously disappeared…

As the scarecrow-soldiers advance on the school to do battle in The Family of Blood, Daughter of Mine/Sister of Mine is pictured looking out through one of the windows and it’s raining.

However, by the time it cuts back to the advancing scarecrows and the boys preparing the barricades, there’s no rain. The night actually appears to be cold and clear.

When filming those famous War Table scenes – featuring Peter Capaldi’s first apperance as The Doctor (those eyes) – Matt Smith, David Tennant and John Hurt had plenty of lines to remember.

Perhaps that’s why Smith left his script on the Tardis console? It disappears and reappears randomly throughout the scene – whoops!

In The Curse of The Black Spot the Doctor and the Captain leave Amy, Rory and Toby with two pirates as they head for the Tardis.

One of the pirates (the one in the hat below) dies at the hands of the Siren, but Toby cuts the other, meaning he’ll have to barricade himself in and hide. In fact, he’s shown shoving barrels of gun powder in front of the door.

However, when The Doctor and Captain return to the room only Amy, Rory and Toby remain. The pirate has disappeared with no explanation… We don’t see him die. We don’t see him run.

We quite simply don’t see him.

Until he mysteriously pops up again at the end of the episode…

In “Victory of the Daleks,” The Doctor joins his enemies on their spaceship and is shown standing several feet away from them as they errr, chat.

However, back on earth, everyone watching the conversation on TV sees him standing right next to them.


*scratches head*