And the I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! 2015 winner is…

Using pure science has come up with the name of this year's jungle champion...


With the new series of I’m a Celebrity… here at last – fans, newspapers, and celebrities have all been having their say as to who they think will succeed Carl Fogarty and be crowned the next King/Queen of the Jungle. With all the speculation, it can be difficult to sift the amateur punters from those who know what they’re talking about.


And that’s where we come in.

Here at, we’ve spent the past year developing a unique gameshow-predictor. We tracked down the Precogs from Minority Report, we consulted renowned statisticians, and we even held a séance to contact the ghost of Paul the Octopus. And, after a few unsuccessful trial runs (one of which involved one of the team betting their whole life-savings on Ian to win Bake-Off) we’ve finally got it perfected, just in time for Celeb.

 The Theory

Setting out to create our gameshow predictor, we were convinced that, using the latest developments in Big Data technology, we could analyse the vital statistics of previous winners to come up with the perfect I’m a Celebrity… contestant. We would then cross-reference these results with the vital statistics of this year’s group of celebrities, giving each celebrity a certain amount of points depending on how closely they aligned to the ideal statistics. These points were then collated to predict this year’s winner.

 The Core Statistics

Age – the celebrity’s age when they entered the jungle

Gender – the celebrity’s declared gender

Hair colour – scientifically determined using the latest in colour-spectroscopy

Profession – the profession that earned the celebrity their place in the jungle

Height – the celebrity’s height in centimetres

Star sign – the celebrity’s sign of the Zodic, as determined by their date of birth

County of Birth – the ceremonial county of the celebrity’s place of birth based on the county boundaries as determined by the 1972 Local Government Act

Name Number – the celebrity’s name number as determined by the latest name numerology technology

Doctor Who Doctor – the Doctor the celebrity is most similar to, as determined by the results of inputting each celebrity’s details into the Which Doctor are you? quiz

 What’s the Perfect Contestant?


There was a range in the ages of past winners, from the 21-year-old Stacey Solomon to 2002’s 59-year-old Tony Blackburn. After plugging in all the ages of previous winners, the mean age turned out to be… 37


There have been 10 Kings of the Jungle compared to just 4 Queens. Male

Hair Colour:

This one was a tie between the dark-haired and those with a lighter tone. Black hair /Blonde hair


An angelic voice seems to be an advantage in boot camp. Singer/Musician


There have been three six-footers to have won in the jungle (Phil Tufnell, Matt Willis, and Christopher Biggins), while Kerry Katona was a tiny 5ft 2 when she was crowned Queen. However, the perfect height for a celebrity turned out to be a middle-of-the-road 173cm (5ft 8)

Star Sign:

Dependable, patient, and generous, but also stubborn, lazy, and self-indulging, three celebs with the Taurus star-sign have walked out victorious.

County of Birth:

The heart of the nation, five natives of Greater London have been crowned champion, with Stacey Solomon the last one back in 2010.

Name Number:

Having consulted the finest name numerologists in the nation, it was determined that a name number of 42 would bring you most success in the Aussie Outback

Doctor Who Doctor:

Despite there being three Tom Bakers and three David Tennants amongst previous winners, it was First Doctor William Hartnell who most resembled the majority of jungle champions.

To summarise, the perfect campmate is…



Hair Colour



Star Sign

County of Birth

Name Number

Which Doctor?







Greater London


William Hartnell

This Year’s Contestants

The future looks bleak for the females this year, with Lady Colin Campbell, Jorgie Porter, and Yvette Fielding all falling to the bottom of the pile, with a meagre 5 points each.

At the other end of the spectrum former-Dragon Duncan Bannatyne and pop-man Tony Hadley fared impressively, scoring 11 points each, while footballer Kieron Dyer and X-Factor Creative Director Brian Friedman both racked up an impressive 12 points.

 And the Winner is…

However, when asked for this year’s champion, the Gameshow Predictor Machine was unequivocal. With a strong scoring on height, born in Dulwich in the heart of Greater London, and a dead-ringer for William Hartnell, the winner of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! 2015 will be:

Chris Eubank

Chris’ Statistics

Age – 49

Gender – Male

Hair Colour – Black

Profession – Sportsperson

Height – 178cm

Star Sign – Leo

County of Birth – Greater London

Name Number – 35

Doctor Who Doctor – William Hartnell


You can’t argue with science. Now if you’ll excuse us we’re off to be the farm on the former-boxer before the bookies read this article and stop taking bets!