17 magical Christmas gifts for Harry Potter fans

Potter themed Christmas gifts for truly magical creatures...



Discover the magical muggle world spots Harry, Ron and Hermione visited in the films.

Wrap up in your favourite wizarding school colours on a chilly winter stroll.

Working with a wand ain’t easy if your fingers are frozen! Swish and flick in cosy comfort while showing your house pride with a specially woven crest.

Whether you’re curling up with a good book or warming up after a winter stroll, any mischief can be managed with a hot cuppa.

From Snape’s heartbreaking revelation to Dumbledore’s most hopeful helpful hints, a range of Potter emotions are captured in beautifully blown glass. 

Whether you’re into Hogwarts houses or Deathly Hallows, there are a variety of vessels hoping to hold your Firewhisky

Because sometimes curling up on the sofa is infinitely more magical than any quest

Someone’s got to free Dobby, after all…

The wand may choose the wizard, but the wizard chooses the pencil wand.

This magical trio are primed for precious spells and secrets.

For a truly bewitching bathroom…

Dealing with guests you could define as the ‘fourth Unforgivable Curse’? Banish the post Christmas blues from your house with “101 Comebacks For The Slytherin In Your Life”.

You’ll find official ones for £50 in major department stores but if you want to turn back time on New Year’s Eve without shelling out too many gold galleons, this carefully crated little trinket will do the trick.

If you like it maybe you should put a Snitch on it…

Watch The Boy Who Lived grow up on screen all over again.

You can still get tickets to the hottest Harry Potter show in town – you just have to be willing to wait until 2017 to see it…


Because there’s no better place to spend the Christmas holidays than in the magical world of Harry Potter you first imagined when JK Rowling’s debut novel first hit bookshelves.