New Star Wars villain General Hux gives first order in behind the scenes sneak peek at The Force Awakens

More details about Domnhall Gleeson's character and his Death Star-esque new base have finally been revealed


With just over a month to go until The Force Awakens hits cinemas the new Star Wars footage is coming thick and fast, and the latest sneak peek at the upcoming sequel finally features Domhnall Gleeson’s villainous General Hux in action.


Aired on Disney channel Disney XD, the new sequence takes us behind the scenes of the film and introduces us to the lead characters, and features Hux giving his first order (about 15 seconds in) to the, well, First Order forces.

Gleeson revealed a little more detail about his character in an interview with Entertainment Weekly: “There’s an air of superiority, and being better than those people around you,” he said. “He’s pretty ruthless. A strong disciplinarian would be a mild way of putting it.”

“He’s kind of opposite Kylo Ren,” Gleeson revealed. “They have their own relationship, which is individual and unusual. One of them is strong in different ways than the other. They’re both vying for power.”

Could the pair be the new Darth Vader and Grand Moff Tarkin? They’re certainly trying to do one better than their predecessors, accoring to director JJ Abrams, who says The First Order wants to succeed where the Empire failed – and have built their very own new and improved Death Star (Starkiller Base) to do so.

“It is very much – and it’s acknowledged as such in the movie – apparently another Death Star,” Abrams says. “But what it’s capable of, how it works, and what the threat is, is far greater than what the Death Star could have done. Starkiller Base is another step forward, technologically speaking, in terms of power.”


Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens opens in UK cinemas on December 17th