Peter Capaldi asked Tom Hanks to appear on Doctor Who

The Doctor is shooting for the stars, with Hanks, Keith Richards and David Bowie all on his Who hit list

Don’t get us wrong, Chris Addison, Maisie Williams, Frank Skinner, Olivia Colman, Diana Rigg and Rufus Hound are pretty great as Doctor Who guest stars go, but Peter Capaldi and the producers are apparently aiming even higher.


The Doctor Who actor revealed that he has asked Hollywood star Tom Hanks to make an appearance on the BBC1 sci-fi series.

Nothing like shooting for the stars is there?

“I think Doctor Who is a great venue for any kind of actor,” he told ITV’s Good Morning Britain. “Funnily enough they were trying to persuade me to…. I was working with Tom Hanks last night and the producer was on to me saying, ‘Try and persuade Tom to come and be in the show’. I did have a word with him but he is very busy at the moment.” 

But that’s not the only A-lister Capaldi has his eye on. “I think it would be good to have some rock stars: I’d like to see Keith Richards or David Bowie,” he added.

Now there’s a thought: the Rock Doctor playing the theme tune with Ziggy Stardust and Keef…

Capaldi is at the Doctor Who Festival this weekend, but unless Bowie enjoys a bit of Ood cosplay the Doctor will have to find another time to convince Who’s next big guest star.

Doctor Who should be a family show

Capaldi also told Good Morning Britain that he was keen to see Doctor Who on at an earlier time, just as Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss have previously stated.

“I think it’s nice, if you have a show which is a family show, that a family is able to build a ritual around it and I think it has to be on at a regular time in order for people to do that,” he said.


“So I would certainly be happier if it was on a little bit earlier and if people knew if it was on at the same time every week; I think it would certainly be a nice thing, but you know these are not my decisions. So I’m just expressing my opinion about it.”