Michelle Gomez really wants her own Doctor Who spin-off called Missy Who

“I’m available for that, and why not?” Should we give the Time Lady what she wants?

We’re not sure when Michelle Gomez’s fan-favourite villain Missy (formerly the Master) will be returning to Doctor Who – but the actress is keen for her maniacal Time Lord to go the way of Captain Jack Harkness, Sarah-Jane Smith and Coal Hill school for her very own spin-off series.


“Yes. There should be a Missy spin-off, that’s correct – I’m available for that, and why not? Missy Who,” Gomez said, though adding the cautionary note that “not many spin-offs tend to work.

“Apart from Frasier, obviously. That was very good.”

Of course, the last time we saw Missy was in the second episode of this series where she seemed to be about to strike up a deal with the Daleks – so will we be seeing the culmination of that team-up next year? Spin-off or not, will Missy come back to Doctor Who for series 10?

“I just don’t know,” Gomez told journalists today at the debut Doctor Who Festival in London. “I’ve asked, obviously, a lot. Insisted upon. But yeah, I dunno. Hope so.

“I’m doing everything I can – now it’s over to you,” she said.

Sounds like we need another petition… Pretty sure the sonic screwdriver campaign guys can whip one up, no problem.

Gomez, who lives in New York, went on to describe the surprise she often feels at the success of Doctor Who internationally, despite its humble origins.

“I don’t know whether it’s the sort of thing we Brits do, self-deprecation,” she said. “We feel like perhaps it’s more parochial, that it’s ours, that it’s maintained in this tiny island, and then it’s a surprise to find fezzes all over the world. And it’s just brilliant.

“This product, if you like, is able to really reach across the pond. And it doesn’t seem to have any cultural problems there, with regards to [viewers] being able to really enjoy it. It doesn’t seem to just be British. Or maybe it’s the Britishness they really enjoy. But yeah, it’s really successful.”

Still, it can be a little too successful for Gomez at times – especially since she joined Twitter, and found herself bombarded by thousands of messages from fans around the world.

“I started tweeting for the first episode of Doctor Who going out. I’d been encouraged to tweet, and I was like right, alright,” Gomez said.

“So I sent one tweet out and I turned my phone off, and then in the morning I was like ‘oh, it’s weird, my phone’s red-hot and not on.’ So I charged it up, and turned it on, and there were 33,000 emails in my private inbox. Cos I didn’t put any filters on.

“It’s taking me a while to get back to everybody, but I’ve done about 20,000 now. 13,000 to go. My goodness, the power of Twitter.”

Doctor Who Series 9: part 1 is available on DVD and BBC store now. 


Doctor Who continues on BBC1 Saturday 14th November at 8.15pm