Michelle Gomez frames her own action figures and stops at nothing to read Doctor Who magazine

Missy is an even bigger fan than us...

Michelle Gomez may play Missy (aka The Master) in Doctor Who, but she’s more than just a jobbing actor – she’s a lifelong fan who won’t let anyone stand in the way of her love for the sci-fi show. Not even children who were unlucky enough to pick up something she wanted…


“Don’t get between me and the next Doctor Who magazine,” Gomez warned journalists at the Doctor Who festival today in London. 

“I will snap your hands, break a finger. There was a boy who was reaching for the very last Doctor Who magazine that was on the shelf, and I was like ‘er no, that’s mine.’”

Michelle Gomez on the cover of Doctor Who magazine last year

“So I grabbed it out of his hands, and he turned around and he just…well, he thought he’d seen a ghost. And he literally ran out of the store. So I was like ‘I’m only kidding…oh well.’

She added: “That story doesn’t reflect that well on me, does it?”

Of course, Gomez has actually been on the cover of Doctor Who magazine herself (see above) – considering she’s clearly a devotee, was that exciting?

“Well, it’s being framed at the moment, so…yes,” Gomez said. “As is my action figure. With interchangeable heads. That’s right.

An artist’s impression

“And my husband [actor Jack Davenport] also has an action figure (from Pirates of the Caribbean, see an example above). So it’s gonna be Jack, Mum and Dad basically, floating in a floating frame. In the toilet, obviously.”

Scaring children, making bizarre yet brilliant plans? Looks like Michelle Gomez is more like Missy in real life than we could have ever imagined.

Doctor Who Series 9: part 1 is available on DVD and BBC store now. 


Doctor Who continues on BBC1 Saturday 14th November at 8.15pm