Has this first look at the Doctor Who series 9 finale confirmed a shocking theory?

The Doctor's alone, Clara looks troubled - and we see the return of an ominous location in pictures from the final three episodes: Face The Raven, Heaven Sent and Hell Bent

We may be a few weeks away from the end of Doctor Who series nine, but some new pictures from the final three episodes (following on from this week’s Sleep No More) have emerged, and they’ve got us pretty excited. 


From Clara in trouble to the return of a pivotal location, what can they teach us about this year’s series finale?

Face the Raven

The first picture, from series nine episode ten, sees Jenna Coleman’s Clara Oswald looking perturbed in a nice old house. We can’t be sure what’s bothering her yet, but if we had to put money on it we’d say she’s being harassed by some sort of oversized crow. Just a hunch.

Heaven Sent

The second picture is a little bit more intriguing – because the episode it comes from (ep 11) is a one-hander. For the most part, Peter Capaldi will be acting alone, with no other characters to bounce off.

We’re still not sure why he’s on his own, but based on this picture it might be that he’s in some sort of prison – there seem to be bars on the window, even if they are overgrown with vegetation.

Or maybe he’s hiding from something – because based on the one quote Steven Moffat has given us from this episode, there’s a very creepy monster after him…

“When, at last, you rise to go, there will be another shadow next to yours. And your life will then be over.”


Hell Bent

Finally, this is the picture that reveals most of all – because the Doctor’s been in this US-style diner before, back in 2011’s The Impossible Astronaut when Matt Smith’s Doctor used it as a meeting place shortly before his apparent death.

Of course we don’t know that this is supposed to be the same diner (or if the programme-makers are just reusing the real-life Cardiff restaurant Eddie’s Diner to stand in for a US eatery), but the interior definitely hasn’t changed in between the episodes (see below and note the Elvis mural).

We’ve gone into more detail as to why this choice of location for the episode might matter here, but to sum up: the last time it was seen in Doctor Who, it was near to a place where the Doctor was apparently murdered.

Said location was chosen for the murder because it was a Still Point in Time, somewhere easy to create a Fixed Point in Time (ie, an event that can’t be changed, even by time travel, like the eruption of Pompeii).

If this is the same diner, it could be that something is coming that similarly can’t be undone – perhaps something that causes the final exit of Jenna Coleman’s departing companion Clara, in such a way that the Doctor can’t get her back.

Or, as noted above, it might just be a handy nearby location that we’ve blown out of all proportion. Either way, this picture tells us one thing for sure – the Doctor has his guitar again, so we definitely have one more Peter Capaldi rock cover to look forward to. Result!


Doctor Who continues Saturday 14th November on BBC1 at 8.15pm