Someone turned their caravan into a Tardis, but it’s probably smaller on the inside

The perfect vehicle for travelling through (horizontal) space and (linear) time

We all want a Tardis of our own, but some Doctor Who fans have taken it into their hands to create a vehicle totally worthy of a Time Lord – and a long-haul road trip.


Yes that’s right, someone’s turned their trailer (that’s American for caravan, fact fans) into a Tardis, complete with door handles, cloister bell and canonically mis-sized windows, with the wonderful result spotted by eagle-eyed reddit user esairubio.

We think this larger image tweeted by Heroes’ Zachary Levi on Monday (below) is probably the same one, unless there’s a fleet of these things going around as the Time Lords try to cut down their Artron footprint.


Ah, the open road– it’s almost enough to make us pack our bags for that intergalactic road trip we’ve always talked about. Last one to Raxacoricofallapatorius has to empty the chemical toilet!