Buzz Aldrin met a Dalek and it’s totally spacey-wacey

Clearly, the moon landing was faked by Davros


We’re still pretty scared of the Daleks, we have to say (confirmed sofa-hiders here at, but we suppose if you’ve travelled in space yourself Doctor Who villains are probably a little less terrifying – which is why Buzz Aldrin is standing next to one remarkably calmly.


The second man on the moon is probably about to be exterminated any second but he was still pretty chill about it as he introduced himself to the pepperpot of evil yesterday. We have to assume such nerves of steel are par for the course when you strap yourself into a giant metal tube/firework to go to the moon for the first time ever – or he and the Dalek are just old buddies who met up in space once or twice for a brew.


That’s right, we’re calling this one – the Daleks CLEARLY helped fake the Moon Landings with Aldrin, probably as part of an evil coalition with The Silence and NASA. Wake up sheeple!