These Doctor Who fan trailers say good bye to Clara in the most emotional way possible

**sniff** So long, Impossible Girl

Dominic Lea wants to make us cry. How else would you explain his making not just one… 


…but two emotional trailers saying farewell to Clara Oswald, as played by Jenna Coleman? The first goes back to her ‘Impossible’ beginnings, but the other is our favourite, looking back over all of the people who have come, and gone, in the Doctor’s long life. 

The song is a cover of the Pixies’ Where is My Mind by Maxence Cyrin. It’s a sad tune, but then…

“Is it a sad song?”

“Nothing’s sad till it’s over. Then everything is.”

“What’s it called?”

“I think it’s called Clara.”


*sniff* *sniff* *bursts into tears*